Welcome to the Borough of Alpha
Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Alpha, Warren County, NJ
The following are pictures taken of the Terre Hill Composites process.

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Terre Hill Composites Man Hole Prep The Liner

Once the Manhole has been prepped and minor repairs
and patching is completed
The liner is prepared with a coat of epoxy.

Spreading Epoxy on the Liner Getting a even coat of epoxy 2 part epoxy system

The Epoxy is spread by hand over the entire surface of the liner.
Then the sides are folded into the center and coated, too.
More of the 2 part epoxy is prepare as needed during the process.
The process is quick and goes smoothly under John´s supervision.

The Epoxy spreading continues until the entire bag has been coated; then Phase II begins.

Spreading Epoxy on the Liner Phase II Phase II 2


Once the Liner is attached to the Sealing Curing Unit
It is hoisted up and the fiberglass skirt is pulled into place.

PhaseII 3 Phase II 4 Phase II 5

Now the Liner can be placed into the Man Hole.
The apparatus is then braced and the sealing and curing can commence.

Lowering the Liner Phase III Seal and Cure Phase III Seal and Cure

Air Pressure is applied and hot water is used to cure the Liner in place.

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