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Bio-Enzyme products are used in a wide range of applications, including:

Biaugmentation Products
Waste Water Treatment
Hazardous Waste Treatment
Septic Tanks Products
Trap & Drain Products

Bio-carpet Shampoo
Fabric Pre-Spotter
Enzymatic Cleaners
Drain Lines
Grease Traps
Organic Spot Remover
Hard Surface
Pet Odor Removal
Carpet Stain & Odor
RV, Boat & Holding Tank
Farm Deodorizer
Portable Toilets
Spots & Stains

Compost Acceleration
Soil Bio-Remediation
Lawn De-thatch
Aqua Culture
Manure Degrader
Soil Conditioning

- Digest grease, fats and oils
- Absorbs phosphates
- Eliminates odors and reduces hydrogen sulfide
- Degrades animal slurry systems
- Lowers BTEX levels
- Converts compost into stable odorless humus
- Lowers BOD, TSS, COD, & FOG
- Increases organic digestion
- Reduces organic solids & sludge build up
- Improves settling & percolation
- Improves operational efficiency
- Reduces heavy influxes of cellulosic fibrous organic solids
- Reduces filamentous bacteria & associated foam
- Cost effective
- Reduces environmental liability


is Bacterial powder designed for use as waste digestants
In wastewater treatment plants, septic systems, drain lines and
Similar waste and odor control problems.

USDA authorized blend of active bacteria and enzymes
that dissolves grease, fats, starch and protein.
Use in sinks, toilets, drains, garbage disposals, grease traps, etc.

Perfect as a maintenance product Dry powder activates with water.
Contains high anaerobic and aerobic bacterial activity,
having a minimum of 1.5 billion colonies per gram of product
Non-acid, non-caustic, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
Liquefies standard wastes, eliminates odor.
Hydrolyzes proteins, reduces sludge volume.
Reduces suspended solids, greater digestive capacity.

The 30 pound pail contains 30 x 1 pound BIO POUCH packages.

GES BEC 105 is also available bulk in
50 and 100 pound containers.

We also have a wide range of specialty bacteria products

Please call for pricing and availability.


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