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In September 1993, the Essex County Catholic School Board opened a state-of-the-art high school in LaSalle, Ontario with an enrolment of 1186 student.

This school is the first in Essex County to utilize an onsite sewage treatment system. The effluent was approved by the M.O.E.E. for surface disposal, into a storm drain for ultimate discharge, to the River Canard. A RotordiskTM Model L-500, manufactured by CMS Group Inc. was selected as the preferred alternative. This unit utilizes Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology for BOD removal and nitrification. It is also equipped with phosphorus removal, ultra-violet disinfection, and filtration using the CMS patented BUGS Filtration Device. The system has a design capacity of 70,000 L /d.

Test data of the performance of the treatment system since start-up indicate that all effluent strength parameters have successfully met the required limits specified in the Certificate of Approval.

Test results for BOD, suspended solids TKN, and Total Phosphorus are shown on the Results page.



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