Welcome to the Washington Township Shopping Center RBC Sewage Treatment Plant

This unit is a DL400 model with a BUGSTM Filter
designed to treat 22,000 GPD of sanitary sewage.
It is currently running at about 20% capacity.

This is a view of the plant from the Effluent end to the Influent end.

This is the Drive Motor (5 HP) and manifold pumping arrangement for the Secondary Clarifiers.


This is the view from the Influent end to the Effluent end

The Anoxic Stage at the Influent end of the shaft is on a separate shaft and is driven by the main shaft with a gear, reduction gear and chain. As you can see the Anoxic Stage is smaller in diameter than the Carbonaceous Stage.
The concrete tankage is sitting on the slab that serves as the floor for this room. All the flow is pumped to the primary tank via a 4 inch pipe from the influent wet well, that is located outside the building.

Please come back and check this site for updates of the description, pictures and the effluent results table which will be put up on this site.

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